Deadly Immunity

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. investigates the government cover-up of a mercury/autism scandal In June 2000, a group of top government scientists and health officials gathered for a meeting at the [...]

Dr. David Brownstein

Genocide Against Our Children Continues: Media Says Nothing, CDC Lies, Part II I can’t believe that I am writing this blog eight months after my last post on this issue. More and more children [...]

Dr. Roby Mitchell

Dr. Roby Mitchell, M.D. ( issues a retraction to nurses he originally advised to get the H1N1 flu vaccination. After reading the insert of the vaccine, he retracted his advice. [...]

Dr. Ken Stoller

In this provocative video, Dr. Kenneth Stoller, MD states unequivocally that Autism is actually a medical problem that can be effectively treated and reversed (in varying degrees) using proper [...]

Dr Chris Shaw – The Aluminum Threat

In 2008, well-known pediatrician, Robert Sears had a story published in Mothering Magazine titled, Is Aluminum the New Thimerosal? Sears had become concerned about the level of aluminum (Al) [...]

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