Dr. Terry Wahls

Dr. Terry Wahls, a reasonable, brilliant M.D. and med school professor explaining why we have serious reasons to review vaccine policy.

Dr. Joseph Mercola

Vaccines and Neurological Damage Vaccinations are very neurotoxic and have been associated with many neurological disorders, like encephalopathies, epilepsy, convulsions, ADD, LD, autism, mental [...]

Dr. Rebecca Carley

ADVERSE REACTIONS to immunizations are more common than many people realize. Please visit her website:

Dr. Lucija Tomljenovic

Should the CDC and Merck’s claims of efficacy and safety about Gardasil be accepted without scrutiny? Dr. Tomljenovic explores available data suggesting that there is no indication for this [...]

Harold Buttram, MD

Web: Editor: Quotes Books [2011] Shaken Baby Syndrome or Vaccine-Induced Encephalitis? by Harold Buttram, MD, FAACP and Christina England [...]

Dr. RC Tent

The Exploding Autoimmune Epidemic – Dr. Tent – It’s Not Autoimmune, you have Viruses

Dr. Toni Bark

Join us as Dr. Toni Bark hosts Dr. Sherri Tenpenny as they answer and discuss questions posed by viewers of Bought movie.

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