Did you know that seizures CAN be triggered by vaccination? Sometimes these seizures can result in chronic seizure disorders and/or epilepsy. These are REAL risks that are even included on the vaccine product inserts.

Here at LearnTheRisk.org, we have heard thousands of stories of vaccines triggering seizures in both children and adults.

Why? Because there are toxic ingredients in vaccines that, even in tiny amounts, cannot be cleared properly from our bodies through the usual biological detox methods. There’s no detox pathway from the arm or leg and this bypasses the normal paths of exposure, leading to increased toxicity from anything injected. Absorption rates for injected toxins is far higher than when the same toxins are ingested (eaten or drank). These toxins often gather in the brain, which can trigger brain inflammation and cause seizures. See the list of vaccine ingredients.

Unfortunately, these side-effects are not as rare as they say and are well-known. Yet pharmaceutical companies and doctors most often hide these risks from patients — opting to put profit before people. There is a lot of money to be made off of vaccines and more than 270 new vaccines in the pipeline.

For those who want to see the real science — not pharmaceutical-funded marketing — please check out the studies below that link seizures to widely used vaccines. Then go here to see more studies on the toxicity of vaccines and their ingredients.

Studies linking Vaccination to the Onset of Seizures:

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News reports:

Puppy has Seizures after Vaccination

Happens to animals too following vaccinations. 6 week old puppy has seizures after getting 6 week vaccination shots, Vet gave vaccine that was noted harmful to puppies especially at 6 weeks old.

Kaitlyn Wright

Just buried a daughter 1.16. 16 due to complication from Gardasil. My daughter Katilyn Wright was a beautiful, vibrant, happy, varsity Athlete who life ended from a major seizure that caused a [...]

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