Meet Christopher

Compiled by Christopher had always been healthy; if he got a bug it was usually gone within a day or two. He was very active in sports. His doctor visits were mainly well check ups [...]

Max’s Story

Another beautiful child GONE TODAY! How many more must suffer and DIE due to VACCINES for people to wake up to the damage vaccines are causing? ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!! Please help us stop the madness [...]


HPV VACCINE PARALYZES YOUNG DANCER. Vaccine injury is not RARE. Please read and share. Nobody should ever have to go through this to satisfy Pharma greed. #learntherisk Teenage dancer, 18, is [...]

Kaitlyn Wright

Just buried a daughter 1.16. 16 due to complication from Gardasil. My daughter Katilyn Wright was a beautiful, vibrant, happy, varsity Athlete who life ended from a major seizure that caused a [...]


ANOTHER CHILD GONE… Another beautiful soul lost after vaccines. The little boy pictured here, at 20 months old after a DTaP shot/vaccine. Died in his sleep like thousands of other little [...]


DANCER BEDRIDDEN AFTER GARDASIL… Another devastating story of the health damage that can happen after the HPV vaccine. Please watch this video and listen to her story — a very similar [...]

Anabelle’s Story

This was the best moment of my life, the first time I held my sweet Annabelle Lee. She was born August 23rd 2012 after 30 hours of induced labor, 30 hours. So stubborn, so worth it. She was [...]

The Truth about Gardasil

In 2008 our doctor wanted to give our daughter the Gardasil vaccine. He said it would protect her from getting cervical cancer. We said ok after talking it over with her. Turns out it was the [...]

Haylee’s Story

Haylee Marie Schmidt was an extremely happy and healthy nine and half month old baby when I last held her in my arms. Little did I imagine as she gazed intently into my eyes with all the [...]

Our sweet Brennan boy.

Our sweet Brennan boy. Brennan was born without compilations in 2013. Given that his older brother had been diagnosed with Sensory Processing Disorder, we watched him like a hawk. He met every [...]

Jayden’s Story

Heed this heartbroken mother’s words — her son Jayden developed epilepsy and a massive seizure disorder after routine vaccines. She asks ALL parents to do the real research and read [...]

Dylan Vrooman

Dylan got his vaccination shots on Thursday and had been kinda sick when Magen went to get him out of bed this morning and found his face was down and not breathing. We did CPR and ambulance took [...]


The UK Government ADMITS the swine flu shot caused narcolepsy in hundreds and Josh Hadfield is one of them. His family has waited years for government compensation to cover his medical bills and [...]

Puppy has Seizures after Vaccination

Happens to animals too following vaccinations. 6 week old puppy has seizures after getting 6 week vaccination shots, Vet gave vaccine that was noted harmful to puppies especially at 6 weeks old.

A Mother’s Anguish

My son, Tommy, was born on September 28, 2012. On November 29, 2012 I took him for his 2 month well baby visit. He received nine vaccines, which is normal at the two-month visit but far too many [...]

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