Make an educated choice for your family...
Our health should NOT be for $ale
Brandy Vaughan, former pharmaceutical rep founded to educate on pharmaceutical drug and vaccine dangers
All vaccines contain TOXIC chemicals
Your job is to PROTECT me
Sudden infant deaths (SIDs) spike after VACCINES.
will keep the campaign billboards running
You may just be ONE shot away from chronic illness
IBS & Crohn's • Fibromyalgia • Allergies & Asthma • Eczema
Type 1 Diabetes • Arthritis & Lupus
ALL can be VACCINE Reactions
1 in 5 children now have
Allergies • Asthma • or ADHD
VACCINES contain chemicals linked to these disorders


The vaccine injury court has paid out close to 4 billion dollars to people seriously injured by vaccines.


The United States has more vaccines on the childhood schedule than any other developed country, yet we have one of the sickest populations — despite spending more on healthcare than any other developed country. We are exposed to a chemical cocktail from polluted air and water, processed food laced with toxins and pesticides, and then we add vaccines to the mix. Vaccines contain multiple additives that have no place in the human body. Chemicals that are injected and therefore bypass the body’s natural filters. Chemicals and additives that go straight to the vital organs causing numerous issues that have somehow become the new ‘normal’ in our country.

Everybody is different. We each have different chemical thresholds and processing abilities. Chemicals and heavy metals accumulate, and you can never know what will tip the balance for someone and lead to health issues—sometimes serious, lifelong problems, or even death.

The real epidemic in America is not measles, chicken pox, or Hepatitis B. It is the skyrocketing rate of autoimmune diseases (asthma, allergies, skin disorders, type-1 diabetes, lupus, irritable bowel syndrome, etc.) and neurological disorders (developmental delays, autism, ADHD, epilepsy and seizures, etc.).

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