Ex Merck rep: Is our health for sale?

“Drugs you don’t need, For Disorders you don’t have.” ”Prescription drugs are 4th leading cause of death.” “Medical Science has made such tremendous [...]

2nd So. Cal billboard launched!!!

BIG NEWS: Latest from Learn the Risk 2nd So. Cal billboard!!! A huge shout out to Ventura County once again!!! Go take a pic with it and share far and wide ~ Please support this board and other [...]

Is Your Health for $ale?

Health & Wellness Network of Commerce – San Francisco, CA Tuesday, June 28th • 6:30PM Join former pharmaceutical rep and founder of LearnTheRisk.org, Brandy Vaughan, as she exposes the [...]

Child became autistic after The MMR vaccine

Brennan was born without compilations in 2013. His older brother had been diagnosed with Sensory Processing Disorder, so his parents watched him like a hawk. He met every milestone on time, and [...]

Baby reacts within hours of his 12-month vaccines

Michael’s mother explains his reaction to his 12 month shots. She watched her son change within hours, just like many other parents. This is her story: “This video brings warmth to my [...]

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