HUGE NEWS: Reid’s Board is up!

HUGE NEWS: the latest billboard is a dream come true for a heartbroken family. The board honors baby Reid Engelhart, who lost his life to vaccines, in his hometown of Baton [...]

Eye Damage following Vaccines

EYE DAMAGE SIDE EFFECTS: Optic eye damage following vaccines. Just another side effect of a toxic pharmaceutical product. KNOW THE RISKS — DO THE RESEARCH! Another Precious Child Falls [...]

Medica Science or Medical Marketing?

MEDICAL SCIENCE OR MEDICAL MARKETING? Do you still believe that “medical science” is independent of the industry it reports on?!! Leading vaccine-maker MERCK admits paying for the [...]

Take Action Today!

TAKE ACTION TODAY: Are you motivated to EDUCATE people on vaccine risk so we can keep our right to decide? Here’s a great place to start, 12 easy ways to get involved TODAY! [...]

Whooping Cough and Pertussis Vaccine

15-YEAR STUDY SHOWS RISK OF SERIOUS SIDE EFFECTS OF PERTUSSIS VACCINE HIGHER THAN RISKS OF DISEASE: “There were no reports of serious problems or death from whooping cough in the area [...]

Aluminum linked to Alzheimer’s

NEW STUDY: Aluminum, KNOWN to damage the brain, is linked to Alzheimer’s and dementia. It’s killing us slowly. Aluminum is one of the main ingredients in VACCINES. Injected aluminum [...]

Healthy toddler develops seizures shortly after routine vaccines at 2 years old.

If you have never had a seizure, or seen a toddler have a seizure watching this video of a three year old child having Grand Mal seizures can give you an insight as to what can happen after a [...]

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