If you don’t eat meat, then why would you inject it? Many people don’t know that vaccines contain animal parts from multiple species, including dogs, pigs, cows, monkeys and even [...]

Vaccines create immunity…but only for pharma.

Vaccines create immunity…but only for pharma. Did you know that vaccine makers cannot be sued for serious reactions or death as a result of vaccines?! In 1986, the US federal government [...]

Human & Animal Cells in Vaccines

Viruses can only multiply inside living cells, so viruses used in vaccine production are grown in animal cells kept alive in laboratories. Bacteria for vaccines are grown on animal products, and [...]

Formaldehyde: Even More TOXIC When Injected

Did you know formaldehyde is far more toxic when injected than when ingested?!! Even a small dose can do a lot of damage. And with the number of vaccines given to US children, it adds up quickly. [...]

Aluminum: a known neurotoxin

Aluminum (a known neurological-toxin), in the form of compounds, is added to many vaccines to help stimulate an immune response to the disease pathogens in these vaccines, because the [...]

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