Here’s a recap of our 2016 success:

  • 20+ billboards and bus stop boards throughout California, one in Louisiana and one in Tennessee — REACHING 12+ MILLION PEOPLE
  • Our 2016 Superbowl campaign launched with FIVE boards around the San Jose stadium and drew MULTIPLE mainstream MEDIA articles, including FRONT page in EIGHT Bay Area newspapers & massive radio coverage — proving that when we are loud enough, they will listen!
  • 10 different OUTREACH events across the US, including Washington DC, Portland, Chicago, Los Angeles and San Francisco — educating thousands on vaccine risk 
  • Reaching MILLIONS per MONTH on the Learn The Risk Facebook page, which now has 32,000 regular followers with some posts reaching 500,000 views!
  • Getting THOUSANDS of hits weekly on the Learn The Risk website
  • Providing a unique grassroots platform with materials and free flyers so motivated warriors can raise awareness in their local area
  • I, personally, have done dozens of live talks and presentations to hundreds at a time, radio and print interviews with these articles being printed and shared worldwide, including a FRONT PAGE article in the leading newspaper in Greece! I also briefly appear in the Vaxxed documentary. 

Please donate to keep these boards up and running!


Discover the healing secrets of the Amazon Rainforest


Pharmaceutical companies have complete federal protection against lawsuits when a person has a vaccine reaction or injury

In the US, 1 in 12 women now have chronic autoimmune issues

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