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BABY POWDER LINKED TO CANCER…AGAIN! Johnson & Johnson lost another lawsuit claiming it did not properly disclose the cancer risks of its baby powder products.

The jury awarded $110 MILLION to a woman who says their products gave her ovarian cancer.


Don’t be fooled by the marketing. To PREVENT cancer, minimize your exposure to possible cancer-causing products. This includes most body care products, which are largely unnecessary.

Also, notice the quote from the plaintiff’s lawyer that exposes Johnson & Johnson for spending MILLONS to manipulate scientific research and regulations. EXACTLY what happens within the pharmaceutical industry.

Do your research. Don’t trust blindly!


Baby powder lawsuit: Woman with ovarian cancer awarded $110M from Johnson & Johnson


A Missouri jury ordered health products giant Johnson & Johnson to pay more than $110 million to a Virginia woman for allegedly failing to disclose the cancer risk from its baby powder and another product.

Lois Slemp, 62, prevailed in the case after suing the company when she was diagnosed in 2012 with ovarian cancer. She alleged that J&J concealed the possibility that talc in its baby powder and Shower to Shower products can cause cancer.

The case deepens J&J’s legal crisis connected to talc. The company has already lost several similar cases, including verdicts of $72 million, $70 million and $55 million. And it faces multiple federal class-action suits in the matter, according to a Securities and Exchange Commission filing.

After three weeks of testimony in Slemp’s case, a 12-person jury deliberated for 10 hours before delivering the verdict against J&J.

“They chose to put profits over people, spending millions in efforts to manipulate scientific and regulatory scrutiny,” said Ted Meadows, a Beasley Allen lawyer representing Stemp and other similar plaintiffs, in a statement. “I hope this verdict prompts J&J to acknowledge the facts and help educate the medical community and the public about the proper use of their products.”


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