Childhood illnesses LOWER your cancer risk later in life!

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Did you know science* says that having “normal” childhood illnesses like measles, chicken pox and pertussis LOWERS your cancer risk later in life?

It’s only the pharmaceutical companies that spread fear about them (through the media) so they can sell products (aka vaccines) that HARM your health.

Don’t be fooled into being their best customer…it won’t work out well for your health!

*”The study consistently revealed a lower cancer risk for patients with a history of FICD [childhood diseases, including measles, pertussis & chicken pox]”

Febrile infectious childhood diseases in the history of cancer patients and matched controls. Medical Hypothesis


The present study was designed to investigate the hypothesis that febrile infectious childhood diseases (FICDs) are associated with a lower cancer risk in adulthood, since biographical considerations are of great importance in anthroposophic medicine. Cancer patients and control patients of 35 anthroposophic general practitioners in Switzerland were matched with respect to gender, age and physician. All patients completed a questionnaire on their FICD. We collected 424 cases; of these we could analyze 379 matched pairs. The study consistently revealed a lower cancer risk for patients with a history of FICD. The strongest associations were found between patients with non-breast cancers and rubella respectively chickenpox. A strong association was also found with the overall number of FICD both ‘classical’ (measles, mumps, rubella, pertussis, scarlet-fever and chickenpox) and ‘other’. The number of FICD decreased the cancer risk, in particular for non-breast cancers.

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  • ladycate

    It is in the best interest of parents & unvaccinated children to keep them away from vaccinated children & adults. Vaccinated children are the carriers of contagious, enhanced, mutated, virus strains. Catching the measles naturally is just that. Being contaminated by an altered strain of a virus can lead to God only knows what. Our children could be incubator for new strains of disease concocted in the test tubes of BigPharma”s laboratories. New strains that we have no resistance too. I came into contact with a young lady, who had received the chickenpox vaccine only two days before our encounter. We were in each others company for about two hours. She had come into contact with a child who had chickenpox & immediately went to her GP to get a shot of chickenpox vaccine. THREE DAYS LATER I CONTRACTED SHINGLES The chickenpox vaccine had made her contagious she passed the infection on to me AND WHO KNOWS WHO ELSE SHE INFECTED WITH EITHER CHICKENPOX OR SHINGLES. Our children are not safe around vaccinated children & adults who could be carriers of who know what enhanced disease.

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