Dr. Jack Wolfson – Valley doctor: Don’t vaccinate your kids

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Dr. Jack Wolfson believes there are lifestyle changes you should make instead of vaccinating.

Despite a recent measles outbreak in California, a Valley doctor believes children should not get vaccinated and that they should be getting this kind of infection.

“We should be getting measles, mumps, rubella, chicken pox, these are the rights of our children to get it,” said Dr. Jack Wolfson of Wolfson Integrative Cardiology in Paradise Valley.

Wolfson does not believe in vaccination. “We do not need to inject chemicals into ourselves and into our children in order to boost our immune system,” he said.

The cardiologist also believes the key is to have a healthy immune system. In order to have that, he says, you have to avoid chemicals, get enough sleep, exercise, take good supplements, and have proper nutrition.

“I’m a big fan of what’s called paleo-nutrition, so our children eat foods that our ancestors have been eating for millions of years,” he said. “That’s the best way to protect.”

However, many doctors disagree. They believe it’s important for children to get vaccinated, especially when the measles is among the most infectious viruses.

“The person is infectious about four days before their rash starts until about four days after,” said Dr. David Engelthaler with medical research firm T-Gen North. “So there’s about an eight-day window.”

Doctors also say measles can float in the air for up to two hours after an infected person leaves the area.

For those reasons, Engelthaler says people who haven’t been vaccinated are more at risk.

“The problem is we’ve been seeing a decrease in the use of vaccines,” he said.

But both doctors agree that the measles infection, once caught, is not likely to turn deadly.



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  • Renata

    Parents should know that not many dooctrs will try to force their hand. My daughter was given the hepatitis-B vaccine at the hospital when she was born, but they apologized when they found out I was unhappy about it. (And she got encephalitis and autism from it, but the autism was not diagnosed for a couple of years.) I unfortunately consented to her getting four DTaPs, three polios, and three Hibs, but I refused the MMR and the chickenpox vaccine, and, of course, any more Hep Bs. The dooctrs were snarky, condescending, and told me about how even chickenpox could be a killer disease, but I held my ground, and they didn’t try to throw us out of their practice. Parents should realize that this list is good, but doesn’t include millions of dooctrs who would be willing to treat their child even if they don’t vaccinate.

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