EVER WONDER ABOUT THE HUGE RISE IN SHINGLES CASES?!! Read the latest post from LearnTheRisk.org founder Brandy Vaughan:

Someone asked for experiences with chicken pox and shingles. And whether the chicken pox vaccine was linked to the increase in shingles cases. Well, happy you asked!

Here’s my personal story: I got Chicken pox NATURALLY as a child around 4 years old — like most kids in the 80s. I have a couple tiny scars but other than that, no bad effects. My mother said I wouldn’t even stay in bed, I was so active when I had it!

And it strengthened my immune system so I could fight off other stuff later on. Never had shingles…because my NATURAL Chicken Pox antibodies are working well. Immunity ONLY comes from naturally contracting the illness through the proper channels (aka not the arm or leg). Vaccines do not create immunity. 💪

And even though the Chicken Pox vaccine can INCREASE shingles cases, doctors still recommended it…and get paid for it. Conflict of interest?!!

Quote from article: “Vaccinating one-year-olds against chickenpox could temporarily nearly double the incidence of shingles in the wider population.” Link to the study in the first comment.

So What’s your experience? Did you have Chicken Pox and/or shingles?


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