Formaldehyde: even more toxins when injected

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Did you know formaldehyde is far more toxic when injected than when ingested?!! Even a small dose can do a lot of damage. And with the number of vaccines given to US children, it adds up quickly. Just like the skyrocketing rates of neurological disorders and infertility…hmm. Coincidence?!!

Here’s my favorite meta-analysis on formaldehyde showing injection is far more potent than ingestion, topical exposure and even inhalation — and that formaldehyde does cause neurological and reproductive damage, even in tiny amounts:

Reproductive and Developmental Toxicity of Formaldehyde: A Systematic Review. Mutation Research, 2011


Review of accidents caused by incomplete inactivation of viruses.

Recent molecular evidence has now shown that formaldehyde-inactivated Venezuelan equine encephalitis vaccines were the probable cause of the outbreaks of the disease during the 1969-1972 pandemic in Central America. In the author’s opinion it is remarkable that formaldehyde is still used for the preparation of inactivated vaccines, particularly since it is known that the procedure also affects the immunogenic epitopes of the viruses.

A High-Temperature, High-Throughput Method for Monitoring Residual Formaldehyde in Vaccine Formulations.

“Formaldehyde is diluted during the vaccine manufacturing process, but residual quantities of formaldehyde are still present in some current vaccines. Although formaldehyde is considered safe for use in vaccines by the Food and Drug Administration, excessive exposure to this chemical may lead to cancer or other health-related issues.”

Mortality from solid cancers among workers in formaldehyde industries.

In the most recent follow-up of the largest cohort study from the USA of industrial workers exposed to formaldehyde, a statistically signi – cant excess of deaths from nasopharyngeal cancer was observed in comparison with the US national population, with statistically signi cant exposure–response relationships for peak expo- sure and cumulative exposure.

Mortality among chemical workers in a factory where formaldehyde was used.

Significantly increased mortality due to nasopharyngeal cancer was observed among formaldehyde exposed workers compared with US and regional populations.

Formaldehyde: an experimental multipotential carcinogen.

In a study with life-long exposure to formaldehyde, beginning in utero (transplacentally), there was an increased incidence of smooth-muscle tumours of the small intestine (leiomyosarcoma) in female offspring


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