Sick for a few days or 24-hour care for the rest of your life?

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A shot to avoid a few days of spots (that may reduce risk of allergies, eczema & cancer**)…

OR a child who cannot talk or feed himself and will require 24 hour care FOR THE REST OF HIS LIFE?!!

Don’t let vaccine-pushing doctors & media scare you about the reality of the situation…

In fact, childhood illnesses can reduce your risk of more serious health issues later in life, like cancer. But doctors won’t tell you that because it would cut into their profits and perks. It’s you to you to do the real research.

** Links to the science showing the benefits of childhood illnesses below **

“Epidemiological research has shown two important characteristics of measles: the severity of clinical illness is largely determined by the infecting dose, and, surprisingly, mild infection and standard doses of Schwarz vaccine substantially reduce mortality from conditions other than measles.”

“To date, Varicella (aka chicken pox) is the only virus consistently reported to have an inverse association with glioma. ”

Febrile infectious childhood diseases in the history of cancer patients and matched control: “The number of FICD decreased the cancer risk, in particular for non-breast cancers.”…/artic…/pii/S030698779890055X

Measles and childhood infections have the potential to reduce allergies:

“In univariate analysis, hay fever was less common in those contracting measles infection than in those not infected, and more common in those given measles vaccination than in those not vaccinated.”

“Measles infection may prevent the development of atopy in African children.”

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  • Mario Sorichetti

    Italian Health Minister Lorenzin, an enthusiastic pro-vax, has only a few days to stay in power as next March 4th is Election Day in Italy. Before being kicked off Lorenzin had to repay Merck in some way. That is why she ordered police to raid Pro. Montanari and Prof. Gatti’s PC dvd and all the equipment the couple were using in their lab. One of many important studies of Prof Montanari regarded the amount of minerals present inside vaccine shots.

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