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If you don’t eat meat, then why would you inject it?

Many people don’t know that vaccines contain animal parts from multiple species, including dogs, pigs, cows, monkeys and even guinea pigs.**

Things to consider:
1. These parts are not extracted in a gentle, animal-friendly way, and most of the time the animals are alive during extraction.
2. Whenever something is injected, more of it stays inside of your body than when you eat or drink something.

So if meat (or monkey kidneys or dog parts) are not your thing, then maybe vaccines aren’t either…

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**link to vaccines ingredients HERE

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  • Edith Aint

    I’m not vegan, but I do oppose mandatory vaccination. NOT because I think vaccines cause autism. I simply oppose ANY mandatory medical treatment, whether it be vaccination, sterilization, chemotherapy, or psychiatric medication. The government should have no power whatsoever over an individual. If we die from plague, so be it; death and disease are necessary forces for balance. We humans are overpopulated and a bottle-necking event is inevitable. No medicine will prevent this, and vaccination only prolongs the inevitable. I refuse to allow these foolish concoctions near myself or my family. Hopefully, encouraging vegans to question these vaccines will empower the wider movement against mandatory medical treatment.

  • Marc F

    lets not forget some vaccines contain Human Diploid Cell Strains, which are derived from aborted fetus cell lines. Sounds a bit like cannibalism to me and pretty sure cannibalism isn’t vegan either I’m pretty sure

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