New Learn The Risk billboard in California will reach 1 MILLION people

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This is the latest Learn The Risk billboard up in Modesto, California and it’s one nobody will be able to miss! This board will be seen by more than a MILLION people in it’s 5 week run on one os the valley’s busiest highways.

So did you know that vaccines come with a MASSIVE risk of health damage? If not, please check out the website.

Do you know others that need to ‘learn the risk’? If so, please help us save lives by taking action today!

Knowledge is POWER…and HEALTH! And it does save lives…

Help us put up more billboards like this by volunteering or fundraising in your local area (we have lots of ideas to help you!) and donating to keep the campaign going! We have the momentum, we just need your support!

And, of course, a huge shout out to the Modesto team that made this possible! Thanks Rachel, Jessica & Elizabeth!

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