…Right near Dr Paul Offit’s office! If you don’t know this doctor, you should…because he is one of the loudest promoters of vaccines, interviewed widely by media…and makes more moeny off vaccines in one year than some people will make in their lifetimes.

Dr Offit holds a vaccine patent for the Rotavirus vaccine and consults for multiple vaccine makers. Major conflict of interest….and this is who the media interviews to skew the public’s mindset towards vaccines.

So we put a billboard near his office so his employees and colleagues will have to face the reality that they are actually harming the very kids (and adults) they think they are saving. Most will have to drive by this billboard on their way to work.

And why billboards? Because change will happen when MORE people know the RISKS of vaccines…

This billboard will reach half a MILLION people. Billboards like this are how we grow our army… and SAVE LIVES!

Want to help get more boards up? Donate TODAY!

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