Today was Baby Reid’s 3rd birthday…but he is not here to celebrate it.

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Today was Baby Reid’s 3rd birthday…but he is not here to celebrate it. 💔


Healthy two-month old Reid, featured on this Learn The Risk billboard, DIED nine days after receiving 8 doses of vaccines.

According to his mother Christy Day, Reid was just getting over a cold when he went to the doctor for his two-month shots.

“It was May 20, 2015 and Reid’s father took him to get his vaccines. When they came home from the doctor, Reid was passed out and slept 11 hours straight, which was not normal,” Christy explains.

“When he woke up, he was very cranky. He would not let you put him down and screamed often. He was drinking full bottles before the shots, but after he stopped eating normally — in fact, he never took a full bottle again. He never smiled or laughed again either.”

After nine days of abnormal behavior, Reid went to sleep and never woke up. It was a parent’s worst nightmare come true. “I miss him so much. This pain will never go away,” says Christy.

Now she spends her days educating other parents in the hopes of saving other children.

“I was that pushy pro-vaccine supporter who shamed mothers for not vaccinating. I thought I was protecting my kids,” admits Christy.

“It’s crazy, you never think something like this can happen to your family…until it does. And then when you research it, you realize it happens EVERY DAY to families around the US.”

The United States gives more vaccines to infants — a total of 30 vaccines — and has the highest rate of infant death. More than 23,000 babies die every year in the US, more than any other developed country. Sudden infant death (SIDS), seizures and sleep apnea are included as possible adverse reactions of vaccines on the manufacture’s product inserts.

Our thoughts are with Reid’s family. We will never stop fighting for justice for these babies and the thousands of others suffering health issues and dying after vaccines.

Learn The Risk even put up a billboard in his honor in his hometown of Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

Read the full story here:…/8-vaccine-doses-killed-2-mo…/

Read more about infant deaths in the US (and SIDs) here:

A good report on infant mortality linked to vaccines here:

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