Vaccine Makers Exclude Infant Deaths In Report

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Almost all vaccine safety information reported to health authorities is compiled, analyzed and reported by the vaccine maker, who obviously has incentive to make the information sound as positive as possible. There is little to no oversight in this process, and many cases of health damage and even death may be excluded from official reports due to manipulation by the vaccine company before submitting the reports.

In September 2017, an eye-opening report titled “Infanrix hexa and sudden death: a review of the periodic safety update reports submitted to the European Medicines Agency” was published in the Indian Journal of Medical Ethics. The report exposes one such incident where GlaxoSmithKline, one of the world’s largest vaccine makers, apparently excluded certain cases of INFANT DEATHS in their official report to the European Medicines Agency.

The Vaccine

The vaccine in question, “Infanrix Hexa”, combines the diphtheria, tetanus, pertussis, hepatitis B, polio and influenza vaccines into one needle, is produced by GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) and was introduced in Europe in October 2000.
The authors of the report, Dr. Jacob Puliyel and Christina Sathyamala, analyzed the data in the periodic safety update reports (PSURs) that GSK has to provide regularly to the European Medicines Agency (EMA) in regards to the Infanrix vaccine.

The Analysis

According to the analysis, the report shows that the latest Infanrix vaccine safety report submitted by GSK (2015) excluded the deaths previously reported by the manufacturer in the 16th report (from 2012). They, however, note that it is unclear in the report how these deaths have been erased.
As expected, the vaccine’s manufacturer GlaxoSmithKline has stated that the deaths reported after the vaccine are “coincident” and not related to the vaccine. However, in their report, Puliyel and Sathyamala point out that their analysis showed that 83% of the reported deaths occurred within 10 days of vaccination and another 17% occurred in the following ten days.

“If it were coincident deaths, then they would not all be grouped immediately after vaccination, but they would be evenly distributed over the 20-day period,” explains report author Puliyel. 

The authors point out that “Hexavac” — a similar vaccine manufactured by Sanofi Pasteur — was introduced in 2000 and subsequently withdrawn from the European market in 2005 after findings showed that the vaccine increased the risk of infant death within two days of vaccination.

Our Children Deserve Better

When will vaccine makers be held accountable for missing information? Can they be trusted with our health when they admit they are a profit-based business focused more on profit than health?

Our children deserve better. Parents are not told the real risk of vaccination or the fact that vaccines are not responsible for the decrease in infectious death rates.

Please stand with us as we demand accountability and the freedom to protect our children from profit-hungry pharmaceutical companies.

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