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Vaccines do not “cause” autism in everyone so by scientific verbiage, they are not the “cause.” But they are associated in many cases of autism.
Please READ and SHARE this article where the brilliant Dr Judy Mikovits explains the connection between vaccines and autism (aka brain damage).
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After reading a short bio on biochemist and molecular biologist, Judy Mikovits, PhD, I was shocked to hear her say vaccines don’t cause autism, but what followed was quite enlightening.

When asked, “Now, Judy, do vaccines cause autism?” Judy Mikovits replied,

Ah, no. Vaccines definitely don’t cause autism. And we’ve talked, and we should talk, about this word “cause.” Because in my forty years or so working with cancer and HIV/AIDS and other chronic diseases there are two words that we don’t use. We don’t use cause and we don’t use cure. Because in order for something to be causative by the scientific definition that we use, every single case of the disease must have a vaccine origin.

And of course you yourself just said 7 of 10 moms feel that the change in their child’s behavior and health occurred following a vaccination, but that’s still not every case. So what we usually say is associated.

So if you change that question and you ask me are vaccines associated, do they play a role, in the brain damage and the immune damage that results in autism, I would say absolutely, and there is a ton of data to back that up.

Judy Mikovits goes on to explain that autism is the result of several factors: neurotoxins in vaccines, the age of the child when vaccines are administered, the health of the child when vaccines are administered, the health of the child’s immune system, how many vaccines are given at once, the cumulative effect of vaccines, etc. But the greatest factor may be a retrovirus.

In 2011, she revealed her discovery that at least 30% of our vaccines are contaminated with retroviruses and that the retrovirus contamination in vaccines may be the biggest culprit associated with the rise in autism as well as cancer, chronic fatigue syndrome, allergies, other autoimmune diseases, and Alzheimer’s, and is also associated with Parkinson’s, and Lou Gehrig’s disease.

Announcement of this discovery and the link to autism through vaccination led to an all too familiar pattern of corruption from those in power. Dr. Mikovits, an internationally known scientist, lost her job, was arrested, has spent the last four years defending herself against bogus charges, and endured four years of forced silence due to a court-ordered gag order. Recently the charges were dropped “without prejudice,” meaning they could be reinstated at any time, and the gag order was lifted. Her life has been threatened, her career as she knew it has been destroyed. And yet Dr. Mikovits continues to speak the truth.

Click on the first link below to listen to this informative interview and the second for her book detailing her experiences since revealing this information.

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