Yellow Fever Vaccine Kills Top U.K. Cancer Doctor

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Dr. Martin Gore, a famous oncologist recognized for saving thousands of lives, died of total organ failure only a few minutes after receiving the Yellow Fever vaccine, according to The Guardian.

Dr Gore was a Professor of Cancer Medicine at the Institute of Cancer Research in the UK and a consultant at the Marsden. He was a pioneer within the industry and was widely respected for his work.

Prince William even paid tribute to Dr. Gore, saying “he’s one of the pioneers of 20th-century cancer care, and a friend, colleague and a trusted doctor to many” adding that he’s “a source of inspiration”.

Vaccines & Travel: What’s Required?

Many health departments and travel sites claim travellers need to get vaccines (including Yellow Fever) for entry into foreign countries — but is that actually true? No.

It seems to be a scare tactic to increase profits for pharmaceutical companies because developing countries do NOT turn away tourists or check vaccine records.

And catching an illness like Yellow Fever while traveling is so rare, the vaccine has been proven to be MORE deaths and serious reactions than the illness itself for travelers.

Yellow Fever Vaccine More Dangerous Than Disease

As with other vaccines, travel vaccines also have associated risks and side effects that, often, doctors fail to mention. In fact, deaths from the Yellow Fever vaccine are more common than deaths from Yellow Fever, and there is a “higher risk among older people.” It seems that “people aged over 60 have a three to fourfold increased risk of experiencing these serious effects compared with younger people,” according to The Guardian.

However, it’s also been shown that the Yellow Fever vaccine is linked to a “higher than expected number of deaths among women 19–34 years of age without known immunodeficiency.

Is It Worth It?

A recent study review of the risks and benefits of the yellow fever vaccination shows the risk of DEATH from the vaccine is higher than the risk of contracting Yellow Fever as a traveler.

“From 1990 to the present, the number of cases (n = 31) and deaths (n = 12) from the Yellow Fever Vaccine in travelers has exceeded the reports of YF (n = 6) acquired by natural infection, raising the question whether the risk of vaccination exceeds the benefit in travelers.”

So is it worth it? We have to remember travel vaccines are a business, just like all pharmaceutical products — and a BIG business if you consider how many tourists travel abroad every year. As with any medical purchase you make, it’s important to weigh benefits and risks.

Why do travel vaccines have such side effects and risks? Look at the list of common vaccine ingredients…


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