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Are vaccine mandates a threat in your state?

Our lawmaker packet is one of the best ways to educate those in power.

It contains 80 pages of independent scientific studies, vaccine ingredient list from the CDC and other powerful facts that are hard to ignore.

The packet is designed and printed professionally, which is important to build credibility for our movement.

Don’t just educate state lawmakers, but also national and local politicians (i.e. city council, mayor, Governor, the county board of supervisors, etc).

Many local politicians have public meetings and this is the perfect packet to hand to them. Remember, it’s important to get a commitment, make them promise they will read it!

Another good opportunity to educate is public meetings that have three-minute public comments to allow you to say something.

All-in-all, it’s power-packed!

This document took hundreds of hours and dozens of resources to put together between Brandy and the small team at Learn The Risk. 

To be able to continue our work, we have set the price at $18, which we think is more than reasonable, considering the cost of the design, distribution and production costs (printing isn’t cheap!). Anything extra goes right into the non-profit to help continue our mission by funding educational events/talks, billboards, website development, research, materials and much more.

We hope you can understand.

*Please note: Processing time for orders is 7-10 days, excluding shipping. All orders are sent out priority mail via USPS.*


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