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LTR Mailing Party Supplies (250 pieces)



“Support Vaccine Education And Help Fight Mandates ~ Please Donate or Sponsor a board” (50 flyers)

“Please Help Us Fight Mandated Vaccines!” (50 flyers)

“Say NO to mandatory vaccinations” (50 flyers)

“There’s No Such Thing As A Safe Vaccine.” (50 cards)

“Vaccines Contain… / The Chemicals In Vaccines Are Linked To…” (50 cards)

Including one of each in a standard envelope meets the postage requirements for first-class mail (1 oz).

*Please note. Orders are processed by one, very hard-working volunteer. They have accumulated within the past couple of weeks, so please allow 3-4 weeks processing time and 1-2 weeks shipping. We are so sorry for the delay, we hope this won’t deter you from raising awareness with our materials.

** Photo above does not represent what comes in package — please see written list above **

Out of stock


  1. Kimberly

    These mailing bundles are a wonderful resource to add to large envelopes I stuff weekly
    And send to local school nurses, each doctor, nurse, department head I can find listed on local and surrounding hospital, clinics, optometrists, dentists and health community members websites. I mail between 5-10 packets out a week and like to include these materials as well as materials I requested for mailing from
    Physicians for Informed Consent. Those materials combined and send in with a short, handwritten note on a post it asking them to please consider taking time to think critically and read the information provided as they are a respected, valued and appreciated professional and one we know wants what’s best for their patients.

    And I choose not to sign each one. But I feel it is doing good at rousing curiosity and answering growing questions and commotion surrounding the vaccine movement. I hope everyone will consider doing the same thing, even if just once.

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