LTR ‘No Such Thing’ Bumper Sticker – Black


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Bring your car to life with our carefully designed bumper stickers!

A simple, convenient way to educate the masses whilst you cruise behind the wheel. It’s a great way to raise awareness and plant seeds to those people sitting behind you at red lights!

Our LTR ‘No Such Thing’ bumper sticker aims to get people to understand that no vaccine is safe! They contain toxic ingredients that can lead to adverse reactions in anyone. This is a great bumper sticker to get people to start researching!

Quantity – One (1)

Size – 10 inches (10″)

Colour – Black

*Please note. Orders are processed by one, very hard-working volunteer. They have accumulated within the past couple of weeks, so please allow 3-4 weeks processing time and 1-2 weeks shipping. We are so sorry for the delay, we hope this won’t deter you from raising awareness with our materials.


  1. David Getoff, CCN FAAIM

    I have had anti-vaccine bumper stickers on my car ever since I learned the REAL facts about vaccine science 20+ years ago. This is a nice one and I will add it to my rear window. Too bad that so many people do not know the science and therefore hate us, because they think they know better. If only they would take the time to learn the real science that they think they know already

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