LTR “No Such Thing” Post-Its (50)


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One of our most underrated materials is post its!

Why? Here are 5 reasons:

  1. Disposable: they are small bits of paper we use temporarily to illustrate an idea and move on, which is why we believe they are the perfect tools for ideation.
  2. Versatile: you can stick them absolutely anywhere! They’re so small, but can still capture the attention of everyone, it just takes some creativity where to stick them.
  3. Force concise thoughts: they stimulate an idea and concise ideas force concise conversations.
  4. They are democratizing: post its don’t discriminate. More people feel welcome to participate – reaching shy people, new people and possibly lower level people who don’t feel comfortable speaking up.
  5. Reliable – having a reliable product that sticks, doesn’t bleed through or leaves residue on the wall means one less thing to think about.

Quantity – 50

*Please note. Orders are processed by one, very hard-working volunteer. They have accumulated within the past couple of weeks, so please allow 3-4 weeks processing time and 1-2 weeks shipping. We are so sorry for the delay, we hope this won’t deter you from raising awareness with our materials.


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