LTR Stickers – Side Effects (50)


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Who doesn’t love sticking stickers!? It brings us back to our childhood days…

But it’s even better because these stickers pack an educational punch! They’re small, but when stuck in the right place, can capture the attention of hundreds.

But they are sticky! So be sure to stick them into the right place, as they may be there for a while…

Quantity – 50

Size – Four inches by four inches (4″x 4)

*Please note. Orders are processed by one, very hard-working volunteer. They have accumulated within the past couple of weeks, so please allow 3-4 weeks processing time and 1-2 weeks shipping. We are so sorry for the delay, we hope this won’t deter you from raising awareness with our materials.


  1. Margaret Terrill

    I would like to see S.I.D.S. in larger bolder print as awareness that S.I.D.S. is vaccine injury, considering 98% of cases happen within hours -two weeks of routine vaccination. it’s sort of mentioned twice on the sticker, as is eczema and IBS. Also I’d like to see Alzheimer’s mentioned as we all would rather get Ebola than dementia, and aluminum packing flu shots are pushed on the seniors.

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