Family is the cornerstone of California
Every Californian family has the right to a happy, healthy family done THEIR WAY
…don’t let Big Brother change that

On December 5, 2016, Senator Pan introduced a California-wide bill called the Children’s Bill of Rights. Although in name the bill sounds good, it’s actually the biggest assault on parental and family rights this country has ever seen. If passed, it could very well mean an increase in children taken away from their parents and families ripped apart whenever the parents don’t abide by a certain set of rules as created by lawmakers and their corporate donors like big pharma, which we all know can have conflicts of interests with regards to campaign funding. It is a parent’s responsibility to PROTECT their children — the State cannot do this. It is a parent’s right and responsibility to PROTECT their children as defined by the constitution. Never the government’s.

This bill would strip away parental rights and hand over control to the State concerning medical care, dental and vision care, schooling, the home environment, religious instruction, and many other possibilities. The bill is written so vague that it could be widely applied and enforced in any manner the State sees fit. These parental “rules” would be enforced through fear of the child being taken away, destroying families and breaking down the last barrier of protection for children. 

This bill will increase children taken into the system and destroy families as well as the children themselves. PARENTS KNOW BEST. We need all hands on deck! How can you help TODAY?!!

Please get involved in the campaign to STOP SB18! Here’s how to help: 

VOLUNTEER HERE: [email protected]

For a One-Time Donation:

Where will your donation go?

If we are going to stop SB18, we have to do things VERY differently than SB277. This includes large-scale grassroots activities as well as a massive media campaign, so lawmakers are not only pressured in their offices but from the outside as well.

Without a targeted campaign, lawmakers will not understand the potentially drastic consequences of this vague yet dangerous bill. They need to know why they should vote NO.

To do this, we need YOUR HELP! This is a grassroots campaign to save our children from potential abuse by the State of California. TAKE THIS SERIOUSLY!

Please donate anything and everything you can and reach out to any potential organizations that might want to be larger donors or sponsors. All donations are tax-deductible (501c3 status) and every cent will go to fund the STOP SB18 campaign*.

The strategy and campaign will be run by a volunteer team that has invaluable experience working, in a professional capacity, on strategy and marketing teams for major international, Fortune 100 corporations. This experience includes pharmaceutical companies, technology companies and banks. To beat corporations, you have to know how they run. A fundraising proposal is available upon request.

As funding comes in, it will go towards:

  • launching a major media campaign, potentially including billboards, newspaper ads and other targeted media in Sacramento or other influential areas
  • educational materials: flyers, brochures and packets to hand to lawmakers as well as media and others to raise awareness of the potential law and its devastating effects on families around California
  • rallies, protests and other events that directly impact SB18’s progress through the legislature
  • basic website that explains the dangers involved with passing SB18 into law
  • press releases and media release services to engage the media and put pressure on the lawmakers
  • the hiring of people to make the above happen (designers, developers, coordinators)

For a One-Time Donation:

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