18th Anniversary of death of child from kindergarten booster vaccines

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Today is the 18th anniversary of Holly Stavola’s death.

At just five years old, Holly died from her kindergarten “booster” vaccines. We will never stop fighting for you, Holl,y and all the others who have lost their precious lives to vaccines and pharmaceutical greed. 💔💪

Wise words from her mother Robin Stavola:

“We post this in Holly’s memory in hopes that others could hear the truth, as we did not have that opportunity.

“I didn’t feel a need to research the subject of vaccinations because I trusted that my pediatrician not only possessed sufficient vaccine knowledge but also had my children’s best interest at heart. I was both unaware of vaccine risks and was never informed, so without hesitation I followed my pediatrician’s advice. Here I am, years later, and the atmosphere surrounding the vaccine issue has significantly changed – and not for the better.

“Fully informed consent is still not present in most doctors’ offices, the freedom to take an exemption is being threatened or has already been eliminated in some states, the integrity of our governmental institutions  – and even the integrity of out pediatricians – is in question. Parents are being bullied, scolded and dismissed from the office. Not all pediatricians, but the ones who have taken it upon themselves to kick out their child patients for a difference of opinion, should be held accountable by the AAP and AMA, but instead these organizations seem to support this unfair and disgraceful tactic.

“Trust and fear is what maintains the illusion of vaccine necessity.

“Vaccines are a medical procedure that carry risk, they are not a one-size-fits-all panacea, they do not create a community immunity. And this isn’t just because the adults are not up-to-date, it’s because vaccines are ineffective in terms of producing immunity for any period of time (vaccines only address one small component of immunity: antibodies) and therefore the procedure cannot adequately simulate the natural human immune system. Do your research and don’t expect to hear the truth from those who you may think have your back.”

Full story at hopefromholly.com

Please keep shining down on us from above Holly! We will bring you justice….

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