Active college student becomes blind and paralyzed after Gardasil shots

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Brittney was 21 and a college student when she received two Gardasil shots. Gardasil is the only HPV vaccine currently on the U.S. market.

She was pressured by her doctor when she said she did not want to get the HPV vaccine. After the third time of saying no, she was told by her doctor that she would get cervical cancer and die if she didn’t get the vaccine. Being told this by her doctor was terrifying! It was after this that she agreed to the first shot.

“I wish that the doctor who frightened me into taking the vaccine had told me all of the side-effects,” says Brittney.

The morning following the first injection, Brittney passed out. Her seizures began within eight days of the first injection, but no one understood why, including the doctors. Within a week of the second vaccine, her vision began to blur and she began to see doubles, and she eventually lost the ability to read.

She began falling down, and became bedridden shortly after. Pressure built up in Brittney’s head to the point that she could no longer handle noises, lights or anything above a whisper. She was unable to properly digest foods and was nauseous or throwing up several times a day.

Her weight dropped from 125 lbs to 90 lbs, and, having no strength, she relied on her mother to bathe, dress and feed her.

Brittany was taken to see several specialists and hospitals, but none of them could help her get better.

A few months after that, Brittney saw a doctor who confirmed she was having a vaccine reaction.

Before her vaccine injury, Brittney was a busy, active communications major, spending her free time with friends and family. She was physically active, running wind sprints, swimming, going to amusement parks or festivals in the area.

In 2012, Brittney was ruled disabled due to residual side effects of Gardasil. She was wheelchair-bound and housebound and was unable to walk for many years, spending her time either in bed or on the couch. It became normal for her to be in chronic, widespread pain, which disabled her to the point where she rarely did any activities with her family. She lost most of her friends during the first three years.

Brittney became depressed and her daily life became a great struggle. She suffered multiple seizures, some which caused brief loss of sight, hearing and speech, which could last up to an hour or two. Her mother worked out a communication system to help Brittney focus until the sensory loss passed.

She was told just before her SSI ruling that she had gastroparesis, most likely caused by the Gardasil.

Brittney changed to a diet free of gluten and dairy, only drinking alkaline water and rice milk. Her vegetables had to be cooked and softened, but eventually her digestion improved. She was offered chemically based medications, which caused further bad reactions. After being treated quite poorly by the typical medical establishment, her parents turned to homeopathy and alternative medicine to reduce the heavy metal toxicity (from the vaccine) and rebuild her immune system.

She suffered severe migraines for many years and was given low-vision glasses, since her eyes couldn’t tolerate light. Her legs slowly strengthened, and after a time she was able to walk with the aid of crutches, then on her own for short distances.

Brittney originally tried a chelation detox but this was found to be too intense and was stopped. Weekly nutritional IV therapy helped the improvement of her condition greatly. She eventually was able to read again and her walking improved.

Now, Brittney focuses on her nutrition by eating whole, organic foods and with supplementation (both to build the immune system and to detox). She avoids all vaccines and most chemical-based drugs, and she drinks only alkaline water and organic green teas. And she’s finally building up to physical activity.

In Brittney’s words: “Please research any vaccine before taking one . Most are loaded with heavy metals and toxic ingredients that do not wash out of the body. Also, find out the efficacy of the vaccine you are thinking of taking. Gardasil has not yet been tested long enough to know if it prevents anything.”

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