Another healthy baby GONE just days after receiving vaccines

Another healthy baby GONE just days after receiving vaccines 😓💔
Baby Bella, a healthy 4 month old, died in her sleep FOUR days after vaccines. SIDS (sudden infant death syndrome) is a label, not a real disease, and usually happens within a week of receiving vaccines.
Vaccines contain toxins that babies have a hard time detoxing from and sometimes their bodies give in. SIDS is listed as a possible side effect of vaccines ON THE PRODUCT INSERT. Most SIDS deaths are from sleep apnea, also listed as a side effect of vaccines.
The countries with the MOST VACCINES have the MOST SIDs deaths. This is NOT a coincidence!! Japan has one of the lowest, even though co-sleeping is the norm in their culture.
Please help others connect the dots before this happens again. My prayers surround this family, and all families that have lost babies because of pharmaceutical greed.
The SCIENCE is here:
Please share this story to honor Baby Bella and comment below if you have suffered the same. Let’s show the world this is REAL.
First comment shows that she received her 4mo vaccines just four days before.

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