Christopher: Died At 14 After The HPV Vaccine

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RIP Christoper: Another Gardasil vaccine victim

On August 14, 2018, we lost another bright light within this world. Christopher Bunch, who was only 14 years-of-age, lost his life. This occurred just three weeks after receiving the HPV vaccine Gardasil, one of the most deadly vaccines.

After receiving the vaccine, Christopher became ill, almost immediately. After being admitted to the hospital, he was diagnosed with Acute Disseminated Encephalomyelitis (ADEM) — a known side effect of Gardasil. It’s even listed as a reported adverse reaction on the Gardasil vaccine package insert (see image on the right-hand side).

Aluminum is the main toxic additive put into vaccines to elicit an immune response. It is PROVEN to cause brain damage in even the tiniest dose AND it accumulates in our brains so further chemical exposure does even MORE damage. As the aluminum present in the vaccine moved through Christopher’s body, his brain swelled. Doctors removed part of his skull, but he continued to deteriorate.

However, most doctors and even the media (reading off of pharmaceutical press releases) claim the vaccine prevents cervical cancer — something Christopher was never at risk of getting. But, even then, the vaccine has NEVER been proven to prevent one case of cancer. And whether HPV is the true cause of cervical cancer is still up for debate — with a 2013 study out of the University of California, Berkeley stating that cervical cancer is actually caused by toxins, not HPV.

Gardasil, on the other hand, is much more likely to deliver severe, life-debilitating reactions. 1 in 500 girls who were injected with Gardasil throughout clinical trials in Denmark experienced life-debilitating side effects, estimates Dr. Mehlsen, who ran the Gardasil trial studies for Merck in Denmark. Most injuries and reactions were serious, with girls ending up in wheelchairs, bed-ridden, with seizures or fainting spells, visual impairment and/or with extreme recurring pain and nerve damage.

The stories of severe, even deadly reactions to this vaccine are skyrocketing with more than 55,000 reported to the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS). More than 400 deaths have been reported.

Why is this vaccine still on the market? If these reports involved a food or child’s toy, there would’ve been a nationwide recall. But because it’s a vaccine, pharmaceutical profits are valued more highly than our children.

The worst part is, Gardasil has now been approved for adults… even though it’s killing children and teenagers!

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Victims of the Gardasil Vaccine

The HPV vaccine insert lists encephalomyelitis as a side effect 

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