Dawson: dies 18 hours after his two-month vaccines

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RIP Dawson: April 7th – June 19th

  • Healthy Dawson got four shots (of seven vaccines) on June 19. 18 hours later he was gone
  • Hospital claims there is no explanation for his death, refuse to consider vaccines
  • 23,000 babies a year die “for no reason” (aka Sudden Infant Death) in the United States
  • Sudden death is listed as a possible vaccine side effect on most vaccine product inserts

In his mother’s words:

I rocked Dawson to sleep last night and put him down around midnight, only to wake up around 5:15am to my perfect little boy, cold and dead.

Immediately, I tried to wake him up and give him CPR, screaming for everyone in the house to call 911. I can’t remember how many professionals came through the house, taking pictures, and asking me question after question.

I was asked what happened the day prior. I explained:

We woke up around 9am. I took a shower, then proceeded to give Dawson a bath and bottle before his doctor’s appointment. We got to the doctors and they gave him 4 shot: 3 shots, 1 oral [seven vaccines total].

We weighed him and he was 15 lbs and 24 inches tall. 97 percentile for his age. Healthy and happy. He got his shots and cried the saddest tears I’ve ever seen, his eyes actually turned bright yellow-green like mine do and he looked at me in so much pain. It broke my heart. I held him close to me till he stopped and held his finger and just kept repeating:

“It’s alright, hunny. It’s okay. It’s all over now. I’m sorry, bubbba”. I lied to him. It wasn’t alright. Nothing was going to be alright.”

I was so happy about his appointment and how he was growing. We went to dinner that evening, and he seemed his normal well-behaved happy self. I noticed then that his appetite was off. I thought maybe this bottle he didn’t want because it wasn’t as warm as I usually make it. He fell asleep on and off there. We got home and I gave him a nice hot bottle, which he didn’t want either, and then he fell asleep while I was rocking him. I laid him down to sleep.

I woke up around 5:15, to my perfect little boy, cold, and not breathing. The time went by so slow waiting for the autopsy. I kept saying to everyone…

“Did I put too much sunscreen on him?” Is it somehow my fauly? … I didn’t put a blanket on him last night because he was in thermals, so I knew he didn’t suffocate… But I still asked outloud what happened. But in my heart I knew, “It had to be those shots!! Healthy then 18 hours later, he’s dead!

The autopsy came in, and they said they gave him an internal/external autopsy, a toxicology report (which hasn’t come back yet) and did blood work. And all they could tell me was absolutely nothing.

They just kept saying how healthy he was and big, and beautiful. And that they can tell if a parent is good by looking by the shape of their head. She said she could tell he wasn’t set down often and was held often, which is true. They said there was no explanation for it.

And I’m sorry, but I call bullshit. They said he passed away from SIDs. And not from his vaccines. I’m sorry, but I just don’t believe that. They say it’s a myth… But I have done the research and have seen the studies linking it. But they act like:  “Hey, I mean, I got my shots, you got your shots.. we are both still here…”

But he’s not and it is just too coincidental for me. [Babies get far more vaccines these days than previously, see the schedule here.] I don’t understand how a big and healthy baby can just pass away with no explanation.

We can find the cause of deaths for the elderly, for adults, and for children, but not infants?

I never wanted kids. I liked partying and being selfish, and when I became pregnant, I wasn’t happy. It took me five months for it to really hit me. As I got bigger, and as I prepared his nursery, I fell in love with what I thought it would feel like to be a mom, which was nothing till I pushed him out, and pulled him up to my chest. I heard his first cry…and that was when I really became a mom.

He grabbed the strap to my tank top and wouldn’t let go when the doctors tried to take him to clean him up and weigh him. I was psycho over him. I didn’t go to work. I didn’t want him to go with anyone unless I was there. Every bottle, every diaper, every nap has been the most enjoyable. I haven’t been good at anything in life, but I was honestly, a great mommy.

I found love in me that I never knew existed. I melted everytime I looked in his eyes, and I’d always hold him close because I loved the warmth. I needed that little boy, and he needed me.

I have no idea what to do with my life now. I have nothing. He was everything to me. I don’t want to be here without him. I don’t want to do this. But life never stops to let you take a breath. My little boy is gone, and I don’t know who I am or how to deal with something nobody can explain to me.

Please forgive me, friends and family, if I fall off the grid… I’m not ready for reality. Why anyone? But why ME? Why HIM? I feel dead…but just not able to die. He completed me. He was my missing piece. I found all my strength through becoming a mommy. I love being his mommy. I loved it. I wish I could trade my life for his. I did everything perfectly. We’re supposed to flip houses together and he was supposed to wrestle, race and play football. I don’t understand. I want my little boy back.”

Sudden infant death (SIDS) is not a real syndrome, but a label when the cause is “unknown” — basically a healthy baby dying for no apparent reason. But SIDS rates tend to spike within days of receiving vaccines. Coincidence? Not likely, if you look at the numbers…

The United States gives more vaccines to babies than any other country in the world: 30 by age 1, including four in utero.

AND the United States has the HIGHEST rate of infant death in the developed world. More than 23,000 HEALTHY BABIES die in the US every year WITHOUT a cause. More info here.

And dozens of published research studies link vaccines to sudden infant death, see them here.

But most cases occur within days of receiving vaccines. When parents bring this to the attention of doctors, they claim no link. But if you look at the facts, and the numbers, it becomes clear there is no coincidence.

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