Jayden: Began having seizures right after receiving his infant vaccines.

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Baby Jayden’s seizures began right after receiving his infant vaccines.

Jayden’s family, like other families around the world whose children have suffered similar effects from vaccines, are among the latest victims of an industry aptly called pHARMa. The companies comprising this industry push an ever-greater array of injurious vaccines in order to create a bigger customer base for their expensive medicines that are designed to manage the very illnesses they have inflicted.

This mother trusted her doctor. Yet, now that she must stay up all night simply to keep her son alive, where is that doctor? Sound asleep in bed and feeling not a twinge of guilty conscience?


The science behind the link between vaccines and seizures is solid: www.LearnTheRisk.org/seizures

“We noticed a few weeks after his vaccinations, he started with a tiny leg twitch. We thought he was stretching because it happened a few times after his nap. On November 4th, I noticed it was now his bilateral lower extremities. The weekend had passed, he seemed okay. On the morning of the 8th, I witnessed something that a parent should never have to see. Jayden was having a seizure that lasted several minutes.

“When he came out of it we rushed him to CHOP. They admitted him for several days on a continuous EEG, video surveillance and he had an MRI. The tests confirmed that he is having seizures and they are coming from a central location in his brain. Because of his age, the doctors said we really won’t know what causes the seizures until he is about two years old, when his brain is a little more developed. We mentioned vaccines and their response was, ‘It’s possible but not likely’.

“The doctors felt confident releasing us with medication to treat and following up in a few weeks with blood work and another EEG in about four weeks. Since we got home last Thursday night, Jayden has had over 45 seizures. Of course, when I got home I decided to do my own research. I joined a few Facebook groups, and the number of parents I have talked to over the past few days with the exact same thing happening to their babies (who are around five months old), makes me sick to my stomach.

“Jayden averages 7-to-10 per day seizures, and they start right when he wakes up. His seizures last between 30 seconds and five minutes. Once four minutes passes, we have to call 9-1-1 because basically anything close to 15 minutes or more is damaging to the brain. I’m not saying this to create fear and I’m not telling you don’t vaccinate your kids, but I am asking you to please do your research.

“Many of these vaccines have severe side effects, seizures is one of them. You can find this information right on the insert of the vaccine itself or on the CDC website. The information is out there. I would hate to see another family face the pain we are living with on a daily basis. This is NOT OKAY.”

Please say a prayer for Jayden and then get out there and do something to make sure stories like this become fewer and fewer.

Posted by Brandy Vaughan on Friday, May 4, 2018

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