Little Girl Became Autistic After Illegally Given an Untested 8-in-1 Vaccine

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A Family’s Nightmare Begins With The MMR Vaccine

Jodie Marchant was born a beautiful and healthy girl on March 2, 1992. She was developing well and on target. After receiving a reminder notice in the mail to bring in Jodie to get the MMR vaccine, her parents, William and Pat Marchant, contemplated the issue and agreed to have her vaccinated. Up until this point, Jodie had not received any vaccines, nor did her older sister.

On May 17, 1993, when Jodie was 14 ½ months old, they arrived at Aldermoor Surgery health clinic in Southampton, UK. They agreed to allow Jodie to receive the MMR vaccine and physically signed to refuse the DTaP vaccine and any others. Once in the waiting room, Jodie’s name was soon called and Jodie said, “Love you,” to her dad, on the way in.

Patricia held her baby girl and took her into the room. Upon entering the room, Patricia was surprised to find a pre-filled syringe waiting for Jodie. Then Jodie was injected in a hurried fashion. Once Jodie was injected, she immediately screamed out like she had never screamed before, in a high-pitched sound.

In the waiting room, William heard this loud scream. His blood turned cold because he knew that it was his daughter. It was Jodie. Patricia was upset. She came charging into the waiting room and said she is never having another vaccine.

Within minutes after Jodie was vaccinated, she started shivering and shaking, was taken home, had high-pitched screams, suffered a high fever and stopped eating right away. Her parents were told by the doctor that she had a virus and not to worry. This was the day she was left permanently disabled and would never again be her normal self.

Numerous Doctor Visits, No Answers

Jodie became a different person after the shot. Little Jodie was in inconsolable pain, turned pale and her loving and jubilee nature changed to a child whose parents seemed nonexistent. Her life was never the same after the vaccine.

Jodie’s parents had no help in understanding what was wrong with their daughter. Jodie would regularly bash her head and needed to wear a helmet for protection. She suffered seizures. She became doubly incontinent, meaning she lost control of her bladder and bowel movements. She stopped walking and eating, lost speech, lost eye contact, stopped recognizing familiar adults and she had a horrible smell from acid reflux that kept coming out of her mouth, for years, all while growing as a child. This all started after she was given that shot.

In 1994, William and Pat sought much-needed help and one oral health surgeon said to put her in her room to cry it out. Doctors weren’t giving Jodie correct medical treatment. They wouldn’t admit anything was wrong. Her parents were keeping her alive on milkshakes because she couldn’t eat.

Jodie needed round-the-clock care. Her dad had to give up working to help take care of her and this caused mortgage payments to fall behind. They were losing their house and were told to contact Disability Living Allowance (DLA) to ask for help receiving some financial assistance and to help diagnose what was wrong with Jodie.

Jodie suffered convulsions after she was given that vaccine, which her dad considered could be a symptom of epilepsy. He requested an electro-encephalogram (EEG) but was turned away. Jodie kept suffering more convulsions even two years later. William kept requesting an EEG to be performed and continued to be ignored.

Jodie’s parents were fed up and called the Health Visitor in September 1994 and told them to get her looked at properly or they would contact the police. Eventually an appointment was made, with an EEG done, which led to a confirmed diagnosis of epilepsy.

The Marchants were told Jodie’s reactions were a coincidence and not connected to her problems. In November 1994, Jodie was examined by a DLA doctor named Dr. Ritchie. He acknowledged she was damaged and that she was getting all the wrong messages and that’s why she was toe-walking. He said, “She’s not watching the television, she’s living it.” Jodie was diagnosed as being severely brain-damaged.

Dr. Ritchie made sure Jodie was awarded a high rating of disability, needed for the family to receive financial assistance. She was noticeably suffering severe neurological and gastrointestinal problems. However, this needed financial assistance came too late for them to save their house. The Marchants were evicted and then put into a temporary accommodation.

At the temporary house, they switched doctors for ten months. Once rehoused, they went back and rejoined with Jodie’s previous doctor again. At this time, William and Pat still did not know of the action committed on Jodie and what she was really injected with that fateful day.

Jodie Was Diagnosed With Autism

In 1995, Jodie was diagnosed with autism, at age three, just with autism. Doctors wouldn’t look at anything else. There were a large number of vaccine-damaged children being reported in the UK after getting the MMR vaccine and major efforts to hide these truths from the public were becoming apparent. [2]

Government officials knowingly had allowed for some unsafe and possibly untested vaccines to continue on the market, partially to cut costs while protecting vaccine manufacturers from being held liable, at the expense of the vaccine-injured and their families.

Even though Jodie was labeled autistic with severe learning disabilities, she did attend school at age three. Due to her suffering, she ended up mostly being homeschooled because she was in so much pain. Her parents constantly sought for her to get the proper treatment but Jodie’s problems were being ignored.

Her parents were told Jodie should be in care as she would never know them or recognize her own parents. Patricia’s response was “my daughter is going nowhere.”

A doctor who recognized vaccine damage ordered for Jodie to have an MRI. On October 20, 1995, CJ Rolles arranged a scan.

Jodie’s First MRI

In 1996, Jodie’s first MRI test results came back all clear. They missed that Jodie had Chiari malformation, which are structural defects in the cerebellum, the part of the brain that controls balance, and when injured, can cause many symptoms, including toe-walking, commonly observed in vaccine-injured children. [3]

A proper diagnosis would’ve indicated the likely cause of some of Jodie’s symptoms, which are associated with nervous system damage. Growing evidence suggests Chiari malformation could be caused by an acquired brain injury. Brain injuries can be vaccine-related. Only surgery can correctively treat this. Due to the misdiagnosis, Jodie did not have the surgery to help correct the problem. [4]

Mother Was Told The Birth Could Have Caused Jodie’s Problems

Jodie’s parents took her to many doctors, many times, after her health deteriorated. Unable to get answers as to what caused Jodie’s problems after the vaccine link was denied, a friend gave them a magazine article discussing pressure at birth, stating this could cause a child to develop problems around the second year of life.

Patricia thought about Jodie’s delivery and remembered the student nurse who helped in Jodie’s delivery was very rough at the birth. Pat questioned if there could be a connection. The problem was that Jodie had developed fine and had no health problems prior to when she was given that vaccine.

Desperate for answers to try and get help for Jodie, her parents decided to get legal advice to see if the birth was linked to Jodie’s problems. It was arranged for them to visit Portland ST Hospital for an examination. Before going, they had a chat with another mom who asked if Jodie had received an MMR shot, because her son was badly damaged following his MMR. She told them Jodie’s behavior pattern was in line with vaccine damage. A doctor had informed them Jodie’s demise was likely caused by a virus.

This talk was at a severe special needs school which their kids attended. Realizing the identical reactions, the Marchants tried to cancel the hospital appointment but were advised to attend. At the appointment, they were told by the doctor that there was nothing to suggest the birth was involved in Jodie’s problems. This was in line with their DLA doctor who stated Jodie was not born this way, but rather, she has been damaged.

William and Patricia were given details by this mother to seek help from Dr. Andrew Wakefield at the Royal Free Hospital. Desperate for help, they discussed this with their GP and their GP arranged a referral for Jodie to be seen at the Royal Free.

Dr. Andrew Wakefield And His Team Were Sought After For Help

In January 1998, Jodie and her parents met with Dr. Andrew Wakefield to discuss what was contributing to Jodie’s demise, which started after she was given that vaccine. By now, Jodie had been suffering severe bowel problems (being doubly incontinent) and many other issues for almost five years. She was given medicine to clear her system and her next visit for treatment was scheduled to take place in June 1998. Until Jodie was taken to the Royal Free Hospital, her parents were not given answers as to what happened to their child.

Soon after Jodie’s first visit to the Royal Free, Dr. Andrew Wakefield and his colleagues published a paper in The Lancet on February 28, 1998, linking a plausible connection to inflammatory bowel disease, autism, brain damage and the triple MMR vaccine. [5]

Consistent with Dr. Wakefield’s findings, Jodie had the vaccine-measles strain in her GI tract.

Beginning in June 1998, Jodie was treated by other doctors at the Royal Free Hospital. They found she was too badly constipated and the colic she was being treated for was, in fact, acid reflux. They said her problems were far bigger than what they were seeing in the other children. Jodie was different from the other children.

A pediatric gastroenterologist, Professor John Walker-Smith, is considered a great man to the Marchants because he agreed to help Jodie. He was one of the doctors that helped treat Jodie at the Royal Free and was able to confirm Jodie was not given an ordinary MMR vaccine.

His diagnosis was spot on, as the Marchants would later find out. Jodie was given the MMR mixed with five other vaccines (an 8-in-1), which had never been known to have been given before. Even without Jodie’s vaccine records at the time, the professor was able to confirm she must have received more than an ordinary MMR.

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