16 Year Old Dies After Gardasil Vaccine

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A mother just buried her daughter at age 16 due to complication from Gardasil.

“My daughter Katilyn Wright was a beautiful, vibrant, happy, varsity Athlete who life ended from a major seizure that caused a heart attack from complications of Gardasil. Until receiving the Gardasil vaccination she had never had heath issues. Never a seizure never anything other than sports injuries. My community is grieving, and I have lost my heart, and my best friend my beautiful daughter. My pediatrician pressured me to give her the vaccination and I didn’t know any better. I don’t know where to go. But, I’m angry really angry and I want to do something about it. My daughter suffered the last three and a half years with pain that I wouldn’t wish on my worst enemy, seizures, tacacaridia, light sensitivity, sound sensitivity, couldn’t eat had been on tpn for nutrition for years after the vaccine injury. I want her story told and I want this to stop. — Angela Wright

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  • Donna

    My daughters are not vaccinated and that is hard and hard on them as they are kind of ridiculed….but I did my research and I questioned a lot and most of the stuff I read years and years ago didn’t make sense, even those that got vaccinated, still got the things they were vaccinated against. Now, the amount of vaccines are astronomical and when in this day and age can you not be sued for Liability??? I know of several people affected by vaccines…my former bosses baby, died the same night they got their vaccine, buts they just call it SITS, my uncle just about died from a flu vaccine, Amy client’s daughter inmCalifornia is sterilized and had to have a hysterectomy from having the Gardisil Vaccine…..how many more babies, children, teenagers and adults are going to pay the price….and for what? The almighty Buck! My heart goes out to every single person, I mean we are brainwashed into thinking that doctors are the best and they know the answers…..I used to say, “for all they know, they don’t know”….they are drug pushers for the pharmaceutical industry, no wonder they are not taught about nutrition, they are pretty much the puppets on the string for the pharmaceutical industry…..I am so sorry for Angela and I, too, was bullied a year ago and when I asked the doctor at the hospital for the package insert, she could not provide it, and, NO, it would not have just been the tetanus it would have been the combo….I hope you can keep sharing your story and making a difference or saving another from injury. There is a class-action law suit in Australia for Gardisil as they are not governed by the US Law….

  • Lynn Johnson

    Hi Angela!

    My daughter’s story is striking similar and I saw your mention of doing the “Cunningham Panel”. Hoping we can connect. You can find me on Facebook. Love to you.

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