A Little Boy Would be Celebrating Life if it Weren’t for Vaccines

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A Family Full Of Love

Lindsey and her husband Nicholas were expecting their first child together when a tragedy occurred. Nicholas had enlisted in the Army and a temporary housing solution for their family was to move in with Lindsey’s father, until Nicholas was finished with basic training and stationed somewhere. Once stationed, they planned to get a house of their own.

Her father’s house, with every possession in the world they owned, burned down in a house fire. They lost everything. The insurance company helped them find another house to live in during the year it would take to re-build her father’s house.

Two weeks after the fire happened, shortly after they moved into their rental property, Nicholas fell down the basement stairs. Nicholas suffered from the injuries sustained and died in his sleep on October 15, 2011.

Lindsey was in her first trimester. Their whole family was heartbroken and had never expected such a loss. Nicholas was legally adopting Lindsey’s two older kids when he passed away. He was the only dad they ever knew.

The stress from her husband’s loss led to a premature birth of their baby. At 32 weeks gestation, on April 22, 2012, a sweet baby boy, Nickson Law Pelton, was brought into this world. He weighed four pounds and nine ounces.

Even though he was born two months early, the hospital staff treated him like a full-term baby and injected him with the vitamin K shot and the hepatitis B vaccine.

Lindsey Felt Forced To Continue To Vaccinate Her Premature Baby

Lindsey was already uncomfortable “moving to the sticks” and obtaining a new pediatrician for Nickson in Covington, Georgia. She found one who had just gone into solo practice after leaving a well-known and reputable group practice.

On June 29, 2012, Nickson’s pediatrician gave him eight vaccines at his two-month checkup – the 5-in-1 combo Pentacel for (DTaP, polio and Hib), Energix B for hepatits B, the pneumococcal vaccine Prevnar 13 and the oral rotavirus vaccine RotaTeq. He was fussy after the shots and suffered what are considered “normal reactions” to the vaccines.

Lindsey stated,

“My daughter was also a preemie and at that time, we lived in a big city and loved our pediatrician. She really listened, only gave minimal vaccines, spaced them out and took into account her gestational age. It was so different from my daughter’s pediatrician to Nickson’s.

After his 2 month shots, his leg began tremoring. We started calling him thumper. I was told it was no big deal, not to worry and that of course it wasn’t related to him having a shot in the leg that was acting unusual.

His doctor said since he was a preemie, his nerves were just getting used to working, or something along those lines. He also ran a very low grade fever daily from the 2 month shots, even up to his next appointment.”

Smiling Nickson Before His Next Round Of Vaccines

At the age of four months old (even though he was born two months premature), with a low grade fever upon arrival, his doctor said he needed seven vaccines during this visit. Nickson’s doctor insisted his premature birth was all the more reason he should be vaccinated on schedule.

Lindsey knew this was not good and protested against them; he was so tiny, weighing less than ten pounds and she was concerned about his previous reactions to vaccines. Against her wishes, Lindsey was threatened if she didn’t allow the vaccines, Child Protective Services would be called because Nickson was born prematurely and his doctor said he needed all these vaccines to protect him.

Lindsey didn’t have the emotional capability to fight the doctor and she didn’t want Nickson taken away. After losing her husband, Nicholas, she couldn’t face losing Nickson too. She felt helpless and watched in horror what was being done to her son. She prayed everything would be all right.

On August 23, 2012, during this visit, Nickson was given seven vaccines at his four-month checkup. Tiny, little Nickson was given the 5-in-1 combo Pentacel for (DTaP, Polio and Hib), the Pneumococcal vaccine Prevnar 13 and the oral Rotavirus vaccine RotaTeq. Less than 12 hours later, he stopped breathing and passed away.

During The 911 Call

Lindsey is heard screaming at the top of her lungs in the background, while her dad spoke to the 911 operator. Lindsey screamed her son is dead from his vaccines.

Remembering when the police and ambulance showed up, Lindsey told us,

“When my son was found, it was considered ‘a crime scene’ and I was under investigation initially. So I couldn’t touch him or ride with him to the hospital or anything. My family either. It was horrible being questioned and then they took my baby away.

I wasn’t able to see him until a few days later. I demanded that since he had been cleared of me hurting him that they had to do whatever they had to do, that I was going to spend as much time as I needed saying goodbye.

My dad was helpful and immediately contacted the funeral director that had just taken care of my husband’s funeral and told them even though my son was going to be cremated, he wanted them to do whatever necessary for me to be able to say my goodbyes first.

So they embalmed my son. They usually do not if they are going to cremate a person but since Nickson was kept for several days after he passed, embalming him was recommended for us to view and hold him, to say our good byes. My life felt unbearable, if the doctor would’ve respected my concerns and not threatened to call CPS, Nickson would still be here.”

The Family Gets To Say Their Good-Byes

Lindsey’s church knew about a group called Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep. They are a free corporation available in all 50 states that has volunteer photographers come and take pictures of families with their angel baby. [2]

Lindsey said,

“The photographer came out and I was able to have about 6 hours with Nickson. They took hundreds of photos. The photographer said they don’t usually take that many but my son looked so perfect and our family looked so beautiful, she kept clicking away.” I don’t know what I’d have done without that time …”

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  • Starbuck75

    TEARS!!!!! doctors are medically maiming and killing our children and often the parents are the ones who come under suspicion, but THEY get to get away with it because they are “doctors.” It is the worst fraud committed against parents and their children in human history!

    So sorry for your losses!

    My son, too, appeared to me to have a STROKE after four vaccines in which he immediately lost all speech and affect and he began thereafter to have daily tremors with nystagmus and absence seizures. Later he was also diagnosed with heavy metal intoxication, an immune disorder NOS, and a metabolic disorder NOS. He has lived thus far through hundreds of serious infections over the years, but he will never be as he was before we walked into that pediatrician’s office that day. I will never trust a mainstream doctor ever again.

    That doctor murdered your baby. It was ADMITTED before the Congressional hearings on “autism” that NO synergistic safety studies have ever been done to show giving multiple shots in a day is safe for ANYONE. My question is then WHY did not the committee IMMEDIATELY put a moratorium on ever giving a child ore than one shot. Id on’t think they ever properly tested the safety of giving combination vaccines either. Yet, parents keep lining their babies up to be guinea pigs for the profit machine between pharma, media, and our own government.

    • Andres

      Mothers are very gullible especially when it comes to their kids. But its worth remembering that not all which glitters is gold. We should not believe everything the pharmaceutical industry spins about the magic value of their drugs, it’s just another pitch by the snake oil salesman most times. We must keep in the back of our minds that these companies are in the business of selling drugs and not necessarily saving lives.

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