Child became autistic after The MMR vaccine

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Brennan was born without compilations in 2013. His older brother had been diagnosed with Sensory Processing Disorder, so his parents watched him like a hawk. He met every milestone on time, and in some cases, early. He was the one they were never worried about.

He suffered vaccine injury after vaccine injury. “Had we not believed the mainstream media and mainstream medicine we would not be in the situation we are today” said Brennan’s parents.

After his 4 month shots (Pentacel) he developed a solitary mastocytoma on his forehead. His parents were told “it’s normal,” and “it’s rare and the cause is unknown, but it’s not from a vaccine” so they continued to vaccinate.

He continued to progress normally.

“When he got his MMR at 12 months he had a serious reaction. 104 fever, and a horrible rash all over his body. He was sick for 10 days. We were told that this was normal. Then, he started hand flapping and his eyes started crossing. Again, another sign- and more assurance that “this is normal, many kids hand flap, his eyes look normal- it’s a phase.” He also slowed down in terms of language. We continued to listen to our doctor that vaccines were safe, and effective. And that there are virtually no side effects. So, we continued to vaccinate.

Brennan continued to be very social, loving and playful. We still weren’t concerned about autism- aside from the hand flapping and his slow down in speech. My husband was a late bloomer in speech- so a slow down was “most likely genetic” according to our Doctor.

Then came the haemophilus B booster at 18 months. He stopped pointing, started jumping obsessively and stacking odd things obsessively. But still, he was very social, and was beginning to talk again, so we were told “he’s progressing normally.”

At 2 years we finally hit his toxic threshold. Immediately following his pneumococcal booster he had a 104 fever. His eye swelled shut a few days later. He was diagnosed with an ear infection and was put on antibiotics. We never saw our same Brennan again. Thus began our battle with chronic constipation. He had to have an enema every 3 days just to prevent impaction. He would scream for hours on end in pain. He began banging his head on the ground repeatedly. Brennan, our son with the brightest light- no longer responded to his name. All his language was lost. He no longer wanted to be around friends and family- he spent all of our family parties on the side of our house- away from everyone. He would not be able to attend the preschool we had registered him for, which he was supposed to attend in January because he was in his own world. He was diagnosed with Autism after we finally got in to see a neurologist after waiting on a 5 month long lost. Instead of spending these years going to the park, playing, going to parties- we are going from therapy to therapy. Taking vitamins and supplements every 4 hours. We’re dosing medicines every 3 hours for 3 days straight every week.

His childhood has been stolen from us- and it was all avoidable. There were so many red-flags that I was told by my doctor to ignore. Our story is not isolated- there are millions of others that share our story- I am telling this story to try and spare others from the pain and heartbreak we have suffered as a family.


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