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Nicholas Lee Copenhaver
March 7, 2013 – July 15, 2013

Nicholas Copenhaver died within days of receiving his four month vaccines. Even though it was ruled as SIDs (just a label not a true cause of death), the neurologist stated in the autopsy report that vaccines were the possible cause. Nicholas’ mother shares her story:

“On Friday morning July 12, 2013 I took my son in for his 4 month well-baby checkup. The doctor gave him 7 vaccines – DTaP, IPV, Hib, PCV and Rota. He was cranky of course after, but doctors tell you to give Tylenol and teach you that these reactions are normal.

Saturday, he was still fussy and tired and didn’t nurse as much as usual. Saturday night, my sister in law watched him overnight so we could go to work. I picked him up Sunday afternoon, after I woke up. We didn’t do much that evening but nap. Looking back it seems that he was extra sleepy but I didn’t notice it then.

Sunday night, I dropped him off at a very close friend’s house around 10pm, so that I could go to work. Not knowing that this was the last time I’d see my son alive.

I sent pumped milk with him once I started going back to work, since he was 12 weeks old. He was used to being fed at the breast to fall asleep when he was with me. My friend said he never went to bed without a fight with her, but that night she said, he fell asleep on his own.

When she woke up, he was gone.

They started CPR, but of course it was no help.

I vividly remember the scream down the hallway in the middle of the night, at work, telling me to leave. I was a CNA at a nursing home, working overnights, when my coworker yelled down the hall that something was wrong with my baby. That was the absolute worst night of my life.

There were no obvious signs that something was wrong with him. Nothing outside of the “normal” that doctors lead you to believe is ok after your baby receives the vaccines. My son received his shots Friday morning and by late Sunday night- early Monday morning, he was gone.

His death was ruled as Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS).

The vaccines were not mentioned in Nicholas’s autopsy report because at the time the autopsy was being done, the pathologist was not yet made aware that Nicholas recently received his shots. It all happened so fast and of course, at that moment in my life, things hadn’t clicked yet that it was the vaccines. I was meant to believe they were so safe and this wouldn’t happen.

Nicholas didn’t have his airways blocked and did not suffocate when he passed away. I had to do my own homework and I was referred to a vaccine injury lawyer who listened to my story and took on my case. I had to request a report in order to file a vaccine injury claim.

The neurologist that did our report for the case actually did the autopsy also. Unfortunately, if I hadn’t looked into things further on my own, I may have never known what took my son’s life.

The doctor who did the autopsy even stated that he feels vaccine causation exists in our case and wrote this in our neuropathology report. The report we have gotten for our case clearly states that, in his opinion, vaccines were the likely cause of death. We were lucky because often times, vaccines are never mentioned and parents are not given truthful answers.

It seems most babies that die soon after vaccination are ruled as SIDS cases or some other vague cause of death. It doesn’t make sense when all of these children are passing away after getting vaccines why the vaccines are never listed as the cause of death. Surely this needs to be considered more.

Most parents that have suffered the same fate mention that vaccines aren’t even listed on their child’s autopsy report, even when the person doing the autopsy is informed the kid was recently vaccinated. Why?

Thank goodness Missouri automatically does a full autopsy on children because when we later went back to file a vaccine adverse event report with VAERS, etc., they had exactly everything they needed. We are still waiting for our case to go through with the National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program (NVICP), which we are told could take a very long time.

We will have to wait to find out if our case is awarded but no amount of money could replace our son. The maximum they give for vaccine related deaths is $250,000. That’s what our children are worth to them. Most claims are denied and those that do get awarded are often settled for less. We’ve already been informed things are still slow moving on the case and of course the government isn’t budging.

We were told we can either attempt to settle beforehand or fight this case in court, which might happen in the latter part of summer 2015. We would also have to make arrangements to fly to Washington D.C. because the U.S. Court of Federal Claims is there, across from the White House, to attend the court case which is different than regular court cases. Outsiders cannot attend and there is no jury. An appointed special master decides whether our case will be awarded or denied.

My son was vaccinated on schedule. He was given Hep B at birth, 8 vaccines at his 2 month well baby visit (DTaP, IPV, Hib, Heb B, PCV and Rota) and 7 vaccines at his 4 month well baby visit (DTaP, IPV, Hib, PCV and Rota). I don’t think many parents are aware these are the vaccines on the current US schedule.

I’d like to tell other parents to heavily do their research, because unfortunately, I didn’t. I had no idea. I thought like most that I was doing what I was supposed to by taking my child in to get vaccinated. Especially working in healthcare, they hammer it into us everybody that you have to have your shots. I didn’t question it one bit, and now I regret it.

I have heard from so many other people now after the fact that the same thing happened to them. I want people to know that this does happen and that it’s a lot more common than they realize.

It’s not about just one “accident”, this is becoming more common and it’s not right. Losing a child is something that absolutely nobody should have to go through and these vaccines are putting too many families through this.

I can only hope sharing our story will save someone else the heartache and pain of losing a child. I want to tell the world and save them the heartache that we have been through.

Rest In Peace Our Precious Angel…”

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  • Caroline MacDunna

    Mary I am sorry to tell you that infant death is even listed as a potential side effect on some vaccine package inserts. I understand why you don’t know this–we are not told the truth and even doctors don’t read the full insert. The insert also says clearly that vaccines have not been tested in combination with others. Sadly our children are Guinea pigs because with no liability plus a magical belief that vaccines are 100% safe for 100% of children–an insane belief as it does not apply to any other product — they just keep giving them more shots. Read Rfk Jr. book for detailed links to peer reviewed studies. Once you know you will never see vaccines the same again. I will not respond to comments as I have noticed that many commenters who are militantly pro vaccine have no compassion whatsoever for those of us who have watched our infant get harmed by shots and they insult our eye witness account. We have one motivation–to keep it from ever happening to anothet child. But we are vilified like the truth teller in a dysfunctional family by this issue. End of comment and I am so sorry for this mothers loss as she tried to do what she was told was best for het child and the other children.

  • sandy

    Dear Learn The Risk
    I have been FIGHTING the public after I have seen both of my children react severely and my daughter is now severally mentally handicapped and multi son had cot death Syndrome abd has been ill with so many things..
    I have been reading with ANGER about the ROTSCHILD AND ROCKERFELLERS that rule this world..and have demanded that there be a cull on billions of humans because they feel there are too many people in the world .
    The Rotschild and Rockerfellers rule this world I have been watching you tube and reading about their part of putting deadly poisons in the vaccines so it will kill babies and make them have CANCER I DID NOT vaccinate my last baby and she is incredibly intelligent and so bright and never has had a day that she has been ill but …since she has had her baby she has now fibromylagia and she is ill .

  • carolyn

    Thank you Amanda for sharing your story and probably saving the life of someone else’s child.

    Mary, read the article, autopsy stated his airway was not obstructed. Please do your research or watch vaxxed when its close to you, and don’t insensitively comment on a post about a child’s death!

  • Carolyn

    VG, whoever you are, you are not allowed to comment on a child’s death until you actually see the movie or get to know a vaccine injured family. A child got measles in my community, the news called it an epidemic, the school was shut down for 2 weeks, in reality the child recovered quickly, no complications, no one else got it, and now that child has a lifelong immunity, I know, those parents are totally nuts to let that happen. The worst thing you can do to a defenseless child is vaccinate them.

  • Mary L Sprague

    Carolyn, You are absolutely correct!! These babies should have the right to be or not to be vaccinated! Most are born with no medical problems and a couple hours after they are born the toxic chemical vaccine onslaught begins. It’s so sad, so criminal, so disgusting!! We all have to work together to change this!!

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